Apply For Housing

How To Apply for Subsidized Housing

Pacifica Housing is a member of the Housing Registry. This means that you must apply to the Housing Registry to be considered for one of our subsidized family buildings.


To apply to the Housing Registry, complete an application form and mail or drop it off to the Housing Registry


Application Form


Housing Registry
301 – 3440 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8Z 3L5

Call the Housing Registry at 1-800-257-7756 for assistance completing the application or go to BC Housing’s Website.

When you are being considered for a vacant unit, you will be contacted for more information. You should update your information every six months with the Housing Registry by calling the above number.

How To Apply for Market & Reduced Market Rentals

Market and Reduced Market properties are available for families and individuals whose income is too high to qualify for subsidized housing, but still face financial barriers.


To apply for Market Housing, please complete following application form


Market Housing Application



How To Apply for Supported Housing

Individuals who are 19+ and wish to be considered for supported housing should call or visit the Downtown Outreach Services office to set up an appointment



826 Cormorant St.