Appreciation Dinner for Medewiwin Angels

On Sunday, February 19th, the residents of Medewiwin Apartments put on a dinner to show their appreciation for long-term benefactors, the Medewiwin Angels.


Residents and Angels, volunteers and Pacifica Housing staff gathered for a delicious beef taco feast and enjoyed a time of conversation, laughter and music together.


One of the long-term residents cooked his famous deep fried bread, and as always, it disappeared quickly!

It was wonderful to see so many different members of the Pacifica community come together to recognize the work that the Medewiwin Angels have done.


Medewiwin has become so much more than a residence. For our folks, it is a home, and we are so grateful to the Angels and everyone in the community who have given their time, energy, love and support to make it a safe and caring place to live.