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Bonnie’s Legacy

Bonnie’s Legacy is a playground replacement program that started when Bonnie Clark, a long time resident of Pacifica Housing, passed away in her home at 51 years of age.


Bonnie died with no kin and no will. At the time of her death she had few material things, most of which were wrapped presents for her friends. A lover of cats and children, she was warm, outgoing and fiercely independent. To Bonnie–who lived more years in a wheel chair than out of one—adversity didn’t create character, it revealed it.


After Bonnie’s celebration of life, her closest friends approached Pacifica Housing to inquire about establishing a gift, in her memory, in the complex where she lived. The gesture touched Pacifica, and the maintenance staff who knew her wanted her legacy to be significant, representing the values she carried so dear to her heart.


Bonnie loved children. She saw them as sacred and cared deeply about their well being and joy. Though she herself did not become a mother, she always took time to make the children in her life feel special. Bonnie always said that children could grow to do and be anything, and strongly believed that kids needed to be kids.


Pacifica examined the complex and property where she lived, considering the things in life she loved the most. This is when we recognized a way to honour her legacy and contribute to a need in her community: replace the exhausted children’s playground in the complex where she lived.


After realizing the tired state of the playground equipment at Rudd Park, it quickly became apparent that there were extensive lists of playgrounds in Pacifica’s family housing that no longer meet current safety standards.


This leads us to Bonnie, her legacy, and an opportunity revitalize our properties, foster interest in outdoor recreational play, and strengthen community ties for the children and families living in our family housing complexes.


Thanks to our generous community, we have raised the funds to replace the tired playground equipment in our Rudd Park complex and make Bonnie’s Legacy a reality. A HUGE thank you to all the thoughtful people who helped make this project possible.

In 2016 we have also replaced three more playgrounds and positively impacted the outdoor spaces for hundreds of children. Our plan is to eventually replace all playgrounds over the course of the next few years.


We would like to invite you to join us in creating a legacy for Bonnie and improve the lives of children in our community who need it most. We need assistance with securing in-kind donations, services and financial support to complete the project


Thank you for taking the time to consider our request. If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us at 250-356-6674 or at communications (at)


Warmest Regards,
Your team at Pacifica Housing


$31 will support 1 child to participate in the Youth program for 1 month

$73 will purchase nutritious snacks for one group for an entire month

$50 will purchase supplies for one month for one group

$64 will send 1 child to a day trip to Camp Thunderbird