Streets to Homes

The Greater Victoria Streets to Homes (S2H) Program is a community collaboration that moves chronically homeless adults directly into permanent, market-housing while providing customized support to help them stay there.


Using a Housing First approach, Streets to Homes sets up a framework of support services that lead to independence. S2H provides assistance in securing permanent, private market housing through our network of landlords, a rent subsidy to offset housing costs and individually tailored support services that empower and support the individual in accessing the highest potential.


Our Housing First model is simple:

Give people housing first and then provide supports that focusing on addressing health and increasing individual capacity. The basic philosophy is that people are better able to address concerns and move forward with their lives if they are safely housed.


By tailoring the supports to the unique needs of each client, the vast majority of S2H participants are successful in maintaining long term housing and the stabilizing effect of housing significantly reduces their use of law-enforcement and emergency medical services.


We do all this amazing work for an average of $7500 per person per year (between half and a quarter of the costs of emergency shelters – depending on the level of services required).


Streets to Homes is a partnership between the Coalition to End Homelessness, BC Housing, Our Place Society, Pacifica Housing, Salvation Army, Victoria Cool Aid Society, Victoria Native Friendship Centre, Island Health and the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.

Quick Facts

  • Houses 165 people from Sooke to Sidney
  • 82% of current clients have been housed for longer than a year
  • 63% of people housed prior to 2013 continue to retain stable housing
  • 46% of people who have left S2H have moved on to financial independence
  • 33% of people who have left S2H have moved into higher level of service and housing support
  • S2H has a 100% landlord retention rate with 58 landlords (16 property management companies) providing 86 buildings.

For more Information

For more information on Streets to Homes, or how you can become more involved, please call Angela McNulty-Buell at 250-415-3077 or email at amcnulty-buell(at)