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Blaines Story
03 June - Blaine’s Story
Blaine’s Story – DOHRS Client and Volunteer
Blaine had been moving between shelters and the street for almost a year before he chanced upon Pacifica Housing’s downtown drop-in centre one snowy day. He believes it was fate. “I don’t know where I’d be without Pacifica,” Blaine says.

Pacifica’s Downtown Housing Outreach Resource Services (DOHRS) is where Blaine first connected with Pacifica. DOHRS provides housing support and navigation services for people who are homeless or in danger of losing their homes.

Blaine’s journey with Pacifica Housing has come a long way. From living in a shelter, to temporary accommodation in a hotel room, to a supportive housing unit, and finally, to his very own bachelor suite in the private market, Blaine’s story shows the success of DOHRS.

When asked about the best part about his place, Blaine couldn’t hold back a big smile. “It’s mine, all mine,” he says. Blaine lives downtown with his impressive collection of over 500 vinyl records.

Blaine is undoubtedly a success story, having maintained his sobriety for more than 5 years, and lived independently for almost 10. Despite his successful turnaround, life hasn’t been easy on him. Blaine has struggled with a visual impairment since birth, and deep depression after his mother passed away.

Despite his difficulties, Blaine is enthusiastic and cheerful, with an infectious laugh. He has remained a consistent friendly face at DOHRS over the past few years by participating in the Community Volunteer Program. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Blaine was there on a daily basis to assist with light cleaning duties in return for grocery store vouchers.

Things have been tough for Blaine since DOHRS began operating remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He misses the “structure or routine”, and the friendships he built there.

He feels a real sense of community at DOHRS. Candice and other outreach workers are always there to chat when things get tough, and he’s made a few close friends with other participants in the program.

Blaine’s work at DOHRS is very important to him. He says it has helped give him a sense of purpose and self-worth. “Pacifica shows me trust and respect, and I respect them. That feels good.”

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