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Administrative Office

Administrative Offices house our dedicated management team lead by our CEO. Contact administration if you want to apply for housing, pay rent, donate to Pacifica Housing, connect with our management team or find out more about us.

Office Location:
827 Fisgard St
Victoria, BC V8W 1R9
Ph: 250-385-2131
Fax: 250-385-6776

Administrative Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Downtown Housing Outreach Resource Services Office

Contact Outreach if you are looking for housing that includes support services for tenants with multiple barriers, or in need of direct outreach support to deal with issues related to your housing needs.

Office Location:
826 Cormorant St
Victoria, BC V8W 1R1
Ph: 250-385-2131
Fax: 250-590-4488

Downtown Outreach Services Office Hours:
We are open: **Due to COVID-19 and the changing nature of local pandemic safety precautions, the Downtown Housing Outreach Resource Services (DOHRS) office is currently closed for in person drop-in. If you need assistance and would like to speak with DOHRS staff, please call the office at (250) 385-2131 or email

If required, we are able to meet for in person appointments after an initial telephone intake has been completed.

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance staff should be contacted for repairs that need to be addressed in your unit or at your complex.
In order to submit a maintenance request, please use the following contact information:

Greater Victoria
Ph: 250-385-2131

Ph: 250-933-1940

Regardless of the method of contact, please provide detailed information including your name, building, unit number, nature of the maintenance matter. Whether you send an email or leave a voice message, a ticket is automatically created in our system, which is then queued and tracked.

Non-urgent maintenance requests would include faucet leaks, smoke detector low battery warnings and other situations that do not require immediate attention.

Maintenance emergencies would include significant leaks causing flooding, sewer back-ups, burst pipes, and other situations that risk causing major property damage.

In the case of a fire, medical emergency or violent situation PLEASE CALL 911.

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