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Danica’s Story

28 Nov - Danica’s Story
Danica’s Story

After years of being a stay at home mom to my two young children, I made the difficult decision to return to work and end my marriage. I was in a really tough situation, trying to figure out how to be a single parent and navigating my re-entry into the workforce. I was fortunate enough to find housing in the basement suite of a family member, but it was only a 2 bedroom and my kids were forced to share a room with very little privacy. My children were getting older, and we would soon need more space.

In this stressful situation, I saw an ad for Pacifica Housing, and I jumped on the opportunity, knowing how hard it would be to find a home in Victoria. As a single mom, I qualified for family housing. I brought my application with me and submitted it on the spot.

After moving into Pacifica, things changed for me and my children. Before finding our new home, we were under-housed. Though we had family upstairs, there were no other kids around and we were quickly running out of space. My children made instant friends when we moved into Pacifica and I found new community, including other single parents who face similar challenges. The kids come back tired and happy from playing outdoors with their neighbors. After school, one child picks up a basketball, and soon the sounds of a game draws other children outside. Through their friends in the complex, my kids are making new friends, sharing new experiences, and learning lessons in respecting others’ property.

My family is also able to keep on doing the things we enjoy most. Since I was a child, I’ve loved to sing and the joy of making music and performing runs strongly in the family. Together we participate in a musical theatre group, which provides even more community and support. My son and I also share a love of baseball and I have been able to step up as assistant coach for his team.

Since living at Pacifica, I am rebuilding my life, making it the life I want. Family housing is allowing me to reach my goals, even though there are obstacles in my path.

I’m looking forward to advancing my career and am working on getting my degree from Thompson Rivers University. Five years from now, I want to be in a position where I no longer qualify for affordable housing.

Pacifica provides me and my kids a safe environment to move forward as a family and reach our goals. Affordable housing gave us the stability to develop and excel, and it gave us a home.

The best part about our home is that is feels like mine.

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